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Our Motus allied health team are passionate about helping you eliminating pain and optimising the way you move.

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Discover Motus Mortlake, Inner West Sydney: Integrated Therapy for Enhanced Well-being by Collaborative Allied Health Professionals

Motus, our first location in Concord, NSW, marks the beginning of an unstoppable journey. In our new location in Mortlake, NSW, we are grateful for the opportunity to share our knowledge and serve the community. Join us on this path to optimal health and wellness.


We offer a variety of modalities and resources that promote holistic and personalised care, ensuring that our clients receive the support they need to achieve their health goals.

We here to take care of tomorrow’s you.


It starts with one individual, you!

At Motus, our goal is to eliminate pain and optimise the way you move, through our adapted framework of movement, manual therapy and education.

Having the ability to help make a positive impact, and change in one’s health is what drives us as a team each day.

We all have the capacity to thrive and achieve things beyond what we believe is possible.

The Motus chiropractic and massage framework has been created to help you and the community as a whole feel and move better.


Achieving optimal health outcomes with our team of
Chiropractor, Naturopath, and Podiatrist in Inner West Sydney


Our Motus chiropractors and massage therapists perform a detailed assessment of your movement, strength, mobility and specific orthopaedic tests to determine the most accurate diagnosis.

Without knowing the ‘why’, it’s difficult to determine the ‘how’, which is why our chiros and massage therapists take the time to understand each individual condition.


At Motus, our Sydney-based chiropractic and massage clinic specializes in manual therapy techniques.  

Our team of skilled chiropractors and massage therapists uses their extensive knowledge and experience to tailor treatment plans to meet the specific needs of each patient, providing effective relief from pain and discomfort.


Education is about lifestyle factors that can affect your condition like recovery, stress, sleep and overloading. We also ensure you leave with a deep understanding of your condition to prevent future recurrences.

Our Motus chiropractors and massage therapists will maintain open communication with you and your health team (medical doctors, personal trainers, coaches and other health professionals) to ensure the fastest recovery road.


Our commitment to your health and wellness


We’re bold. We’re always looking for ways to push the envelope; fearlessly tackling the non-traditional, and always looking for new ways to flip Chiropractic and Massage Therapy treatment on


Everything our Chiropractors and Massage Therapists do is thought through and thoughtful, and it shows; we move with purpose; the Motus purpose.


At Motus Concord, we celebrate the process, the small wins, and all the steps in-between.

Our Chiropractors and Massage Therapists are


We know that no two people are quite the same, and at Motus Mortlake we champion the power of the individual. We thrive on a unique challenge, and so we encourage this uniqueness in its every


Everything our Chiropractors and Massage Therapists do is thought through and thoughtful, and it shows; we move with purpose; the Motus purpose. From our message, to our space, to the


We’re curious in nature; things outside of our scope, the new and the unknown catch our attention and keep us wanting to know more. We research, we learn, and we thrive on expanding our world view.

From us to you, our team of Chiropractors, Naturopath & Podiatrist in Mortlake are committed to making a positive impact on your life.

We endeavour to share our knowledge, skills and passion to not only help reach peak performance, but also to broaden your understanding of how your body works, and in turn, its endless potential.

Motus chiro, naturopath and podiatrist all have professional background with experience and specific training in areas of movement science, injury and surgery rehab/prehab, biomechanics, anatomy, fascial lines, breathing mechanics and athletic performance.

At Motus Mortlake, we have a huge passion for what we do and helping our clients get back to doing the things they love.

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Chloe Tuner


Andrew Vong



Motus Chiropractic and Massage clinic is located in Sydney’s Inner West, in Mortlake near Concord. We are conveniently near Cabarita, Rhodes, Canada Bay, Burwood, Strathfield, Five Dock and North Strathfield.


12A McDonald St,Mortlake
NSW 2137, Australia

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