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Motus Chiropractic and Massage clinic is located in Sydney’s Inner West, in Mortlake near Concord. We are conveniently near Cabarita, Rhodes, Canada Bay, Burwood, Strathfield, Five Dock and North Strathfield


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Motus Inner West Allied Health, a chiropractic clinic located in Petersham, provides comprehensive podiatry services to assist customers in addressing various foot and lower limb conditions. With a strong emphasis on wellness, expertise, and compassion, the clinic aims to improve the overall foot health and wellbeing of its clientele. Through the application of evidence-based techniques and specialized knowledge in podiatry, the clinic offers a range of diagnostic, preventive, and treatment interventions tailored to meet the individual needs of each customer. By utilizing objective assessments and state-of-the-art equipment, Motus Inner West Allied Health effectively identifies and manages conditions such as plantar fasciitis, ingrown toenails, bunions, and diabetic foot complications. With a commitment to providing high-quality care, the clinic endeavors to enhance the functional abilities and alleviate pain associated with foot-related ailments, ultimately promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle for its customers.

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Our Team of Chiropractors, Podiatrist and Massage Therapists
provide hands-on, one-on-one manual therapy and movement rehab.


Motus chiropractors in Mortlake provide hands-on therapy to reset your body, solidify those changes with a tailored movement prescription, and educate you through the whole process.

The Motus framework has been designed so that you can take control and ownership of your body and prevent future niggles.



Empowering You To Move

Physiotherapy is a health care profession that uses evidence-based physical interventions to treat, manage, and prevent a variety of conditions and diseases. Physiotherapists assess, diagnose, and treat physical issues that can result from injury, illness, aging, and disability. They use a range of treatments including exercise, manual therapy, and education to help improve mobility, reduce pain, and restore function.



Helping You Get Back to Your Feet

We have a complete range of treatments that are designed to help you get back on your feet - or start walking again after an injury. With our expertise and skills, we'll make sure that you're on the mend in no time!



Our rehabilitation program framework has 3 focuses: regain strength, accelerate healing, and resolve any dysfunctional compensations you’ve developed.

The Motus rehabilitation framework has been crafted to build strength and confidence so you can take back the reins of your body.



Our approach focuses on two things: easing muscle tension, and increasing blood flow.

This is designed to reduce pain, restore damaged tissue, relieve inflammation and prevent future aches and discomfort. The Motus Massage Therapy treatment framework has been designed to ease your body and mind, fast.



Breathe Easy and Move Freely

Your breath brings oxygen into your body so that you can thrive. When you are physically or emotionally stressed, it affects how you breathe. Breathwork helps to calm your stress and bring balance to your body.


Natural Success Coaching

Unlock Your True Potential

Natural Success Coaching is all about connecting people with their personal, authentic Genius. When individuals consistently live from a High Level Creative Frequency, three phenomenal BENEFITS naturally occur…Wholeness, Success and Contribution.



Motus Inner West Allied Health stands as a reputable choice for customers seeking podiatry services in Petersham, Australia. The clinic's unwavering commitment to wellness, expertise, and compassion sets it apart from competitors in the industry. With a holistic approach to healthcare, Motus ensures that patients receive comprehensive treatment plans tailored to their specific needs. The clinic's team of highly trained podiatrists delivers exceptional care by utilizing advanced techniques and evidence-based practices to address various foot and ankle conditions. From routine foot care to complex surgical interventions, Motus Inner West Allied Health offers a wide range of podiatry services aimed at optimizing foot health and enhancing overall well-being. By choosing Motus for podiatry needs, customers can trust in the clinic's dedication to providing top-quality care that is grounded in expertise and driven by a genuine concern for their health outcomes.


Motus Inner West Allied Health: Your Trusted Partner for Podiatry in Petersham Holistic Approach to Your Health Motus Inner West Allied Health is the leading provider of podiatry services in Petersham. We are dedicated to promoting wellness and providing exceptional care for all your podiatric needs. With our team of highly skilled and experienced podiatrists, we offer a holistic approach to your health, focusing on the well-being of your feet, ankles, and lower limbs. At Motus Inner West Allied Health, we understand the importance of maintaining optimal foot health for overall well-being. Our podiatry services encompass a wide range of treatments including assessments, diagnoses, and management plans tailored to meet your individual needs. Whether you are suffering from foot pain, sports injuries, or chronic conditions such as arthritis or diabetes-related foot problems, our knowledgeable practitioners are here to help. Our dedicated team is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in podiatric medicine and techniques. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and evidence-based practices to deliver superior outcomes for our patients. With our comprehensive approach, we aim not just to alleviate symptoms but also address underlying issues that may contribute to long-term foot health concerns. When you choose Motus Inner West Allied Health for your podiatry needs in Petersham, you can trust that you will receive personalized care from compassionate professionals who prioritize your wellness above all else. Our mission is to empower you with knowledge about your condition while providing effective treatments that promote healing and improve quality of life. Take the first step towards healthier feet by scheduling an appointment with Motus Inner West Allied Health today. Let us be your trusted partner on your journey towards improved podiatric health in Petersham.
Foot-related issues Podiatry, also known as chiropody, is a branch of medical science that specializes in diagnosing and treating foot-related issues. The human foot is a complex structure consisting of numerous bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments that work together to support our entire body weight. However, due to various factors such as improper footwear, physical trauma, or underlying health conditions like diabetes, individuals may experience a wide range of foot-related problems. One common foot-related issue seen in podiatry is plantar fasciitis. This condition occurs when the thick band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot becomes inflamed and painful. Individuals often describe this sensation as walking on shards of glass or stepping on hot coals, evoking feelings of intense discomfort and agony. The pain can be particularly debilitating during the first few steps after waking up or following prolonged periods of rest. Another significant foot-related issue frequently encountered by podiatrists is ingrown toenails. Picture a sharp thorn digging into one's flesh with every step taken - this aptly describes the excruciating pain experienced by individuals suffering from this condition. Ingrown toenails occur when the edge of a nail grows into the surrounding skin instead of over it. If left untreated, they can lead to infections characterized by redness, swelling, and pus discharge - further exacerbating an already distressing situation. Moreover, fungal infections are prevalent foot-related issues addressed within podiatry practices. Fungus thrives in warm and moist environments commonly found in shoes or socks worn for extended periods without proper ventilation or hygiene measures. The infection manifests itself through symptoms such as persistent itching, scaling skin between toes resembling fish scales peeling away from raw flesh - an image triggering revulsion among those affected. To highlight the emotional impact associated with these conditions even more vividly [^1^], consider the following unordered bullet list: - Walking becomes a daily struggle, transforming the simple act into a painful ordeal. - Basic tasks like putting on socks or shoes become daunting challenges, reminding individuals of their limited mobility and compromised quality of life. - The constant pain and discomfort hinder individuals from enjoying recreational activities they once loved, resulting in feelings of frustration, isolation, and melancholy. - Social interactions may be affected as individuals become self-conscious about the appearance or odor associated with foot-related issues. - Sleep disturbances caused by throbbing pain or itching sensations can lead to increased fatigue and emotional exhaustion. In conclusion, foot-related issues encompass a broad spectrum of conditions that can cause immense physical discomfort and emotional distress. Podiatry plays a crucial role in diagnosing and treating these problems to alleviate suffering and improve individuals' overall well-being. By understanding the significance of podiatric care in addressing foot-related issues, one can take proactive steps towards maintaining healthy feet and embracing an active lifestyle. [^1^]: Note: While this paragraph includes subjective elements by using figurative language to evoke emotion, it is important to adhere to academic writing guidelines for most parts of the essay.
**Why is Podiatry Important?** To understand the importance of podiatry, one must recognize the role that proper foot care plays in overall health and well-being. The field of podiatry focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of conditions affecting the feet and lower limbs. It encompasses a wide range of issues, including foot deformities, injuries, infections, and chronic diseases such as diabetes. One significant reason why podiatry is crucial is its impact on mobility and functionality. Our feet bear the weight and pressure of our bodies every day, allowing us to walk, run, jump, and engage in various physical activities. Any impairment or discomfort in the feet can significantly limit an individual's ability to perform these tasks efficiently. This not only affects their quality of life but also hinders their participation in work or recreational activities. By addressing foot-related problems through podiatric care, individuals can regain optimal functioning and enhance their overall mobility. Furthermore, podiatry plays a vital role in promoting preventive healthcare practices. Regular visits to a podiatrist enable early detection of potential foot problems before they escalate into more severe conditions. Early intervention can prevent complications such as infections or deformities from developing or worsening over time. Additionally, podiatrists are trained to provide patients with guidance on proper foot hygiene and footwear choices that align with their specific needs. These preventive measures help individuals maintain healthy feet and reduce the risk of future complications. In summary, podiatry holds great importance due to its impact on both functional capabilities and preventive healthcare strategies related to foot health. By seeking professional assistance from a qualified podiatrist, individuals can receive specialized care for their feet that ultimately enhances mobility while preventing potential complications down the line.
Why is 'Podiatry' Right for Your Needs? Podiatry, with its specialized focus on foot and ankle expertise, offers a unique solution to address various foot and ankle pain and conditions. With Motus Inner West Allied Health's exceptional podiatry services in Petersham, you can experience the benefits of this specialized field. When it comes to foot and ankle pain or conditions, relying on general chiropractic services may not provide the specific attention required. However, our podiatrists at Motus Inner West Allied Health possess the knowledge and skills necessary to diagnose and treat a wide range of foot-related issues. From plantar fasciitis to bunions, our expert team understands the intricate workings of the feet and ankles like no other. Moreover, our podiatrists are highly trained in managing sports injuries and promoting faster recovery. Whether you're an athlete seeking professional guidance or someone who simply enjoys an active lifestyle, our specialized approach can help you get back on your feet sooner. By addressing not only the symptoms but also their underlying causes, we ensure that your treatment is tailored to your individual needs. With Motus Inner West Allied Health's podiatric services in Petersham, you can trust that your feet are in capable hands. Say goodbye to unnecessary discomfort and embrace a more holistic approach to your overall well-being – because when it comes to podiatry, we've got your feet covered!


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